The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited was set up by the Department of Fisheries, Government of West Bengal and was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on 30th March, 1966. Initially, some Government Fish Farms were transferred to the Corporation in order to cope up with the ever increasing demand for fish. It was established with the task of fish production and marketing of fish and fish products for the people of the State at large.

At present the Corporation has 12 fish farms comprising 745 hectares of effective water area in 5 districts of West Bengal. To meet up the demand for fish in the State, and to fulfill the dream of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal to make Bengal Self Sufficient in fish production the Corporation has already been taken number of steps for promoting sustainable development in all types of resources i.e. Fresh Water Fisheries, Sewage Water Fisheries, Brackish Water Fisheries and Fish Seed Farms. For introduction of new species like “GIFTTILAPIA”,”Jayanti Rohu”, “Pangasius Species” and “Litopenaeusvannamei”. It will  be able to enhance production to a moderate level of 5-6 M.T,5M.T,20M.T.and 6-8M.T respectively and hope this can fill up partially the demand and supply gap of our State.

During 2012-2013 the Corporation produced 1011 M.T fish worth Rs. 7.48 crores and expected at least30% increase over the production during 2013-2014. Apart from Culture the Corporation has its expertise to desiltation, renovation, preparation of water-bodies, eco system balances and marketing. This Corporation will also take up in services like training, publication of books and awareness generation activities. Soliciting all sorts of Co-operation from all concerned departments and organizations,so that The State Fisheries Development Corporation Limited may reach their targeted goal and feed the people of West Bengal with protein rich food.

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