Our Objective

The prime objective of the Corporation is to continuously strive to bring in sustained levels of enhanced production while trying to facilitate the necessary measures for allowing affordability of fish in the local markets.

Some of the priority measures taken by the Corporation are as follows:


  • The Corporation has initiated the sale of fish at controlled prices in the various markets in the city.
  • Initiatives have been taken for increasing the seed production in the hatcheries especially for GIFT Tilapia
  • Tilapia piscicultural systems represents a lower level in the food chain and the culture is economical and eco friendly. Priority is being given to the culture of Monosex culture of GIFT Tilapia.
  • Proposals have already been sent to NFDB for schemes of Fingerling production and dredging of East Kolkata Wetlands every five years to sustain fishing activities.
  • Intensive efforts are being undertaken to increase the fish farming in the large waterbodies under its control.
  • Excavations of the various water bodies of the Corporation has already been started.
  • Efforts are being made to increase the seed production in the Hatcheries of the Corporation.

The Corporation is also working on proposals to take over more water bodies from the Fisheries Department for the purpose of pisciculture.

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