NIT No. SFDC/MD/NIT-09(e)/2018-19, Dt.11.10.2018 

NIT No. SFDC/MD/NIT/07(e)/2018-19, Dt.27.09.2018

Notice for Cancellation of NIT No.SFDC/MD/NIT-04(e)/2018-19/ 852, Dt.- 24.07.2018

NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-05(e)/2018-19, Dt.21.08.2018

NIT No.: Misc-442/2017-18/T-24 of 2018-19/1062, Dt.17.08.2018

NIT No: Misc-435/17-18/P-I/T6, Dt.09.08.2018 (Kiosk of 85 sqft at Nalban Food Park)

Notice for Cancellation: Dev-432/2018-19/Part-B/T-06 of 2018-19,  dt. 11.07.2018

NIT No: Dev – 432/2018-19/Part-B/T-23 of 2018-19/952, Dt.07.08.2018

Corrigendum – NIT No.432/2018-19/Part-B/T-12 to T-20 of 2018-19, Dt.27.07.18

Fish Franchaise Proposal for different cities/towns of the State.

NIT No: Misc-435/17-18/P-I/T-21 to T-22 of 2018-19/886, Dt.27.07.2018

NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-04(e)/2018-19, Dt.24.07.18

NIT No: Dev – 432/2018-19/Part-B/T-12 to T-20 of 2018-19, Dt.27.07.2018

NIT No: Dev – 257/2015-16/P-I/T-07 to T-08 of 2018-19/795 dt.12.07.2018

TENDER NOTICE T-05 to T-06 of 2018-19

N.I.T- SFDC/Fish Feed /NIT-03 (e)(2nd Call)/2018-19/759 Dated-07/07/2018

NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-03(e)/2018-19, Dt. 21.06.2018. – Fish Seed.

Food Park 710 sqft space rental bid: NIT No. Misc-435/17-18/2018/T5 dt.19.06.2018 

NIT No.: SFDC/MD/NIT-01(e)/2018-19, Dt.05.06.2018.

NIT No. SFDC/MD/NIT-19(e)/2017-18, Dt.31.03.2018 – Cancellation Notice

NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT/17(e) (2nd Call) of 2017-18, Dt.03.05.2018

NIT No: Misc-435/16-17/2018/T4, Dt.29.03.2018 – Notice for Invitation of Bids for Licensing of Rental Space at Nalban Food Park

NIT No: Engage/Personnel security File/2018-19/2986, Dt.31.03.2018

NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT-19(e)/2017-18/2987, Dt.31.03.2018

NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT-18(e)/2017-18, Dt.27.03.2018

NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT/17(e)/2017-18, Dt.22.03.2018

NIT No: Tender/CUL/2018-19/2922, Dt.22.03.2018 (Fish/Shell Fish Seed Supplier)

NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT/16(e) (2ND Call)/2017-18, Dt.27.02.2018

NIT No: Dev-432/16-17/Part-A/T-126 to T-134 of 2017-18/2574, Dt. 13.02.2018

NIT No: SFDC/MD/NIT/16(e)/2017-18, Dt.06.02.18.

NIT NO:MISC-435/17-18/2018/T1, Dt.15.01.2018 – NOTICE FOR INVITATION OF BIDS FOR LICENCING OF RENTAL SPACE (3rd CALL) at Nalban Food Park.

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